Olga Michi is a modern digital artist, author of the concept of cinematographic projects. In her works, Olga follows the traditions of Western European art, in particular, the approaches that masters of the Düsseldorf school of photography employ. Olga's works cover and address a wide range of topics, including both acute problems of modern life and absorbing philosophical questions. What lies in the heart of Olga Michi's art projects is photographic images that undergo a multitude of artistic, conceptual, and technical processing stages to become finished pieces of art that together constitute thematic series. At every phase of image preparation, final printing, publication of signature albums, exhibitions, or cinematographic production, a team of specialists ensures the impeccable level of execution of Michi's works.

One of Olga's projects, "Vulnerable", is devoted to the problem of preserving the culture of Northern, Asian, and African people, whose traditions grotesquely converge with the innovations brought by the modern European civilization. The project received international recognition with the publication of the namesake album, "Vulnerable", by German publisher teNeues, in English and German. The album gained positive reception in more than 10 leading European outlets, including Stern, Daily Mail, and others.

The project "Deity's Likeness" exploits a variety of expressive means that, synthesized in the media format, help throw light on the problem of the deity and how its perceived image changes under influence of social and cultural transformations. The use of neural network-powered artistic tools in the project is not limited to two-dimensional works. The project also comprises dynamic compositions melting together the esthetics of a static easel painting and video art animation and holographic works that explore the borders between the planar and plastic arts.

Olga Michi's film "Small People Big Trees" gained credence at international festivals hosted in the US, Germany, and Czech Republic. Another film, "Missing Girls", brings up the acute social issue of economic sexual slavery in provincial society in India. In this context, the work takes a step toward finding a way to overcome the problem.


Born in 1982, Havana, Cuba

Lives and works in Moscow, Russia

2011 – 2014 photojournalist of TASS (TASS Russian News Agency) 

2014 – 2016 journalist, host of the TV program «Extreme Photographer» Live planet, Russia

2016 Production of Documentary film «Massai: From Sand to Snow» for Russian Today

2016 Production of Documentary film «Small People Big Trees»

2017 Production of Documentary film «Missing girls»

2021 Production of Documentary film «My friend Yeti»


  • 2003 Moscow Academy of Economics and Law

  • 2006 Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Exhibitions 2021/2022: 

  • «Vulnerable». Gallery of Modern Art of The State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan. Kazan. Russia (solo exhibition)

  • «Vulnerable». The Mario Giacomelli Museum of Photography. Senigallia. Italy (solo exhibition)

  • «Vulnerable». Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts. Yekaterinbur. Russia (solo exhibition)

  • «Vulnerable. Asian Diary» The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow. Russia (solo exhibition)

  • «Deity's Likeness». Gallery of Modern Art of The State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan. Kazan. Russia (solo exhibition)

  • «Vulnerable». Samara Regional Art Museum. Samara. Russia (solo exhibition)

  • «Vulnerable».  The Photo Gallery Paffrath. Düsseldorf. Germany (solo exhibition)

  • «Future Dwelling». International Biennale "Art of the Future", Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, Museum «Moscow House of Photography». Moscow. Russia (group exhibition)

2021 г.

  • «Future Dwelling». IV International Interactive Festival of Contemporary Art ARTLIFE FEST. Moscow. Russia.
  • «Vulnerable». White Gallery. Novosibirsk, Russia (solo exhibition)
  • «Vulnarable», «Deity's Likeness». National Museum of Art and Photography. Group exhibition. (Olga Michi, AES+F, Konstantin Khudyakov, Francisco Infante-Arana, Oleg Dou, Valery Katsuba)
  • «Deity's Likeness». The General Staff. The State Hermitage Museum. Saint-Petersburg. Russia (solo exhibition)

  • «Vulnerable. The African Diary» The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow. Russia (solo exhibition)

  • «Vulnerable». Immagis Fine Art Photography. München. Germany (solo exhibition)

  • «Vulnerable». Central Exhibition Hall Manege, XII Moscow International Biennale Fashion and Style in Photography, Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, Museum «Moscow House of Photography». Moscow. Russia

  • «Deity's Likeness» international art center Main Avenue. Yekaterinburg. Russia (solo exhibition) 

2020 г.

  •  «Vulnarable», «Deity's Likeness». Cosmoscow International Art Fair. Moscow. Russia

Museum collection

  • Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, Museum «Moscow House of Photography». Moscow. Russia 
  • The ETHNOS KALOS Foundation. Germany.


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