Missing Girls

2018 | Documentary | 66 min | Russia, India
Director:Vadim Vitovtsev
Producers:Olga Michi, Maxim Koveshnikov, Svetlana Ignatenko
The documentary unfolds in India, the country that tops the list of countries with the heaviest volume of human trafficking in the world. The film tells us about the fate of young ladies trapped in sexual slavery. Presently they live in the “red lights” area of Mumbai – and they were sold into these establishments by their own parents.

In parallel, the film's authors uncover the story of Kushi, a little girl from one of the poorest villages in northern India. Kushi's father is seriously considering selling his daughter to save her family from poverty.

About the film

The documentary describes the fate of the ladies trapped in sexual slavery today; it investigates the reasons due to which even underage children fall victim to this terrible business. The film unfolds in India, a country that is No.1 in the world by volumes of human trafficking. Several prostitutes become heroines of this documentary. They live in the red lights district of Mumbai; their parents sold them to these establishments some time ago. Another storyline describes the life of a little girl from one of the poorest villages in northern India. In a couple of years she too may follow this path. But the most terrible thing is that she could be doing it not at her own will - but at the decision of her parents, forced by their abject poverty to violate the family ties. But can poverty be an excuse for such a sin? Does this little girl stand a chance of avoiding this terrible fate? Is it still possible to change her karma?