My Friend Yeti

2021 | Documentary | 59 min | Russia
Director:Vladimir Krivov
Producers:Olga Michi, Maxim Koveshnikov, Svetlana Ignatenko

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About the film

The film "My Friend Yeti" doesn’t prove or disprove the existence of the Snowman. It is about something else. It is about a person, who has devoted his whole life to the search for the enigmatic creature.  

The film focuses on an extraordinary person called Igor Burtsev. He has traveled half the world in the search for Yeti. And though his friends and colleagues look at his hobby with irony he is not planning to give up. He is sure that Bigfoot is somewhere near, and they are bound to meet some day. In fact? it doesn’t really matter weather the long awaited meeting is to happen, or not. What matters, is that Burtsev’s loyal friend called Yeti prompts him every day to keep moving forward. 

Will be available for viewing in 2022