Maasai: From Sand to Snow. Kenya tribesmen visit Moscow. 2015 | Documentary | 26 min | Russia Today

Maasai are one of the most famous tribes of Africa. They have learned to fit into the framework of modern civilization but at the same time they have preserved their traditional way of life. These authentic people do not seek to isolate themselves from the world; they do not lose their dignity while using the growing interest in the unique Maasai culture and making use of the associated tourist boom. The documentary portrays how Maasai - inhabitants of one of the villages located in the Kenya National Park – played host to their Russian guests, and how afterwards the Maasai tribe members paid a return visit to Russia. - in the film "Maasai: from the heat and into the cold." 


Extreme photographer 2015-2016 | Documentary | 25 min. | Russia
Director:Vadim Vitovtsev

"Extreme photographer" is a documentary series covering the travels of extreme photographer Olga Michi to the most hard-to-reach corners of our planet. Each series tells the story of one or several unique photo shots. To take these photos Olga had to approach the wild animals and at times stayed an arm's length away from them. She swam with the crocodiles in the turbid waters of the Okavango river, stayed with mountain gorillas in the rain forests of Central Africa and dived with white whales under the ice of the polar White Sea. 


Small people big trees 2016 | Documentary | 45 min. | Russia
Director:Vadim Vitovtsev
Producers:Olga Michi, Maxim Koveshnikov, Svetlana Ignatenko

Central African Republic. Here under the canopy of multi-tiered rain forests, a tribe of the world’s smallest people - the Baka pygmies – lives like their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. They hunt and collect the fruit of large trees. They pray to the forest spirits and teach their children to respect nature, taking from it only what is necessary for life. But gradually their traditional way of life is changing under the onslaught of the "Greater World" culture. 


The Vulnerable of Myanmar. The Disappearing Cultures. 2018 | Documentary | 14 min | Myanmar
Producers:Olga Michi
The documentary "The Vulnerable of Myanmar. The Disappearing Cultures" is dedicated to the story of the cultural identity of the world's endangered peoples. Today, tribes and peoples are inexorably eating away at the material and cultural values of modern society. The characters do not use or openly display high-tech accessories that have become integral attributes of modern everyday life and seemed to form our idea of the present. Here we will not see the coveted gadgets, fashionable styles or fabulously expensive jewelry. All this seemed to have no value to them. For heroes, on the contrary, it is more important not to demonstrate their personal uniqueness, but rather their connection with relatives and ancestors…


Missing Girls 2018 | Documentary | 66 min | Russia, India
Director:Vadim Vitovtsev
Producers:Olga Michi, Maxim Koveshnikov, Svetlana Ignatenko
The documentary unfolds in India, the country that tops the list of countries with the heaviest volume of human trafficking in the world. The film tells us about the fate of young ladies trapped in sexual slavery. Presently they live in the “red lights” area of Mumbai – and they were sold into these establishments by their own parents.

In parallel, the film's authors uncover the story of Kushi, a little girl from one of the poorest villages in northern India. Kushi's father is seriously considering selling his daughter to save her family from poverty.


My Friend Yeti 2021 | Documentary | 59 min | Russia
Director:Vladimir Krivov
Producers:Olga Michi, Maxim Koveshnikov, Svetlana Ignatenko

The film "My Friend Yeti" doesn’t prove or disprove the existence of the Snowman. It is about something else. It is about a person, who has devoted his whole life to the search for the enigmatic creature.  

The film focuses on an extraordinary person called Igor Burtsev. He has traveled half the world in the search for Yeti. And though his friends and colleagues look at his hobby with irony he is not planning to give up. He is sure that Bigfoot is somewhere near, and they are bound to meet some day. In fact? it doesn’t really matter weather the long awaited meeting is to happen, or not. What matters, is that Burtsev’s loyal friend called Yeti prompts him every day to keep moving forward. 

Will be available for viewing in 2022