To see the Kongo and not die. There is an opinion that two of the most dangerous places in the world are the delta of the Amazon and the Congo River swamps. I have been to the Amazon river already so it is right time to visit  the Congo. What danger is there to expect?  Very different ones starting with  poisonous snakes that live in these areas, and ending with tropical viruses that cause deadly dangerous disease. We can also add tsetse fly and heavy, humid climate there. View more
About Shangri-La, New Guinea and the meaning of life The soothing rain is knoсking upon the roof. Simon`s wooden house hastily hammered together fell into a deep sleep. Two of our guides and a whole team of porters are sleeping in the next room. Judging by the rumbling snor, everybody are exhausted. Now, in a relative safety, the men finally dared to relax. Only Simon is quietly walking around the house, checking the locks on the doors and windows. I can hear the creaking of the floorboards under his feet. We are his guests and he care of us. View more
Along with the river monster. ...I am trying to cling the bottom of the river with my hands, they are completely sinking in the sand. It helps, but just for a few seconds. The stream is so strong that we are being rapidly carried down the river. Again and again Amos is trying to stick the monopod into the sand. We are struggling from last strength in order to keep ourselves in a place. The depth is about 8.5 meters and a black abyss teeming with giant crocodiles is behind us. I am trying to dodge my face from the rushing debris that fell into the water upstream. The visibility is only few meters. I can only see pieces of dirt, twigs, leaves, dead stems of papyrus, and here in this mass we lose Walter. He went up to check our boat and then got out of our sight. I can see Amos is nervous. View more